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Claire Nichols

 Claire is a dietitian living in Los Angeles, she believes in the power of dietetics to transform health and lifestyle. Previously working as the sole dietitian in a multi-disciplinary team, Claire came to understand the importance of effective communication between health professionals. It is her goal for Kalix to further enhance this capability.

The functionality of Kalix was shaped by Claire’s focus on evidence-based practice and clinical background. With diverse industry experience across weight management, age-specific nutritional support, gastrointestinal, oncology, renal, mental health and eating disorders, Claire has ensured Kalix is accessible to all practitioners, within or complementary to dietetics.



Felix Jorkowski

Felix is the software engineer behind Kalix, building it in its entirety from the ground up. Over the last 10 years, Felix has specialized in developing enterprise level software including placement management systems as well as social media management products. He has been invited to present on ‘security in the cloud’ at TechEd, the national Microsoft conference.

Obtaining first class honors in a Bachelor of Science (High-Performance Computational Physics), Felix has a strong interest in bleeding-edge web technologies and enjoys continuously improving the Kalix system based on customer feedback.

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