Tips for Naming Your Nutrition Practice

A name says so much.  It can have a positive or a negative impact on your business.  We live in a world where names carry much meaning, so it’s a good rule of thumb to consider various aspects of your practice before moving forward with the process of creating a business name.  Below are a few questions to consider beforehand:

1 – What URLs are available? – This is of significant importance because you will eventually need a practice website. You want to choose a name that reflects a website address that is currently not being used by another entity.

5 – Who is your ideal client? – Consider the types of people you plan to service, whether it be children, teenagers, young adults, pregnant women, the-3o-somethings, male desk jockeys, middle-aged women, the elderly…What type of names will appeal to the target group?

2 – Who are you as a dietitian/nutritionist? – Are you focusing on specific conditions e.g. diabetes, weight management, food sensitivities or more on a holistic aspect of nutrition? When analyzing this, consider asking yourself what type of approach you will be offering your clients.

3 – What is your practice model? -What will clients experience during your appointment sessions with them?

4 – What names feel really exciting to you? – Think of what intrigues you and what truly expresses the passion and enthusiasm you possess for your business.

Next, consider the fact that there are various types of practice names for you to choose from.  They include Location-Based, Specialty-Based, Name-Based, Personality-Based, and Process-Based.  Let’s delve into each to help you understand each and the least recommended of all 5.

  • Location-based: Can be based on your city or town (i.e. Southern Nutritionist LLC or Seattle Nutrition Company)
  • Specialty-based: Focused on a particular practice area of nutrition (i.e. Diabetes & At Risk Obesity Nutrition Healing Inc.)
  • Name-based: this is the least recommended type, as it may limit your ability to grow in the future and take on staff. You would not want to go through the entire process of rebranding yourself again after already being established. (i.e. Smith Nutrition Company)
  • Personality-based: Your name here would typically be something that is personally significant to you or perhaps a use of a metaphor. (i.e. Focused & Fearless Diet Free LLC)
  • Process-based: The focus here would be on a special process you use. (i.e. LEAP Nutrition Therapy)

No matter which name you decide, please keep in mind that your private practice is a complete reflection of who you are as a person.  It is your permanent brand.  It should reflect positive aspects of you and your business that will make potential clients curious about your services.

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