HIPAA Compliance For Private Practice Dietitians 101 (Part 1)

When running a modern private practice it is vital that you and your staff have a good understanding of HIPAA requirements. If you are totally new to HIPAA, I will cover the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the privacy and security act.

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How Choose to the Right HIPAA Compliant Email Provider For Your Private Practice

Kalix’s Messaging functionality allows you to securely communicate clients and contacts. But, when choosing your practice’s email provider, HIPAA Compliance must be at the top of your checklist for requirements.

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Legal Considerations When Using Online Electronic Signatures

Kalix makes it easy for your practice to go completely paperless. Being able to securely share paperwork and collect electronic signatures online is now paramount for the modern healthcare practice. Kalix’s extensive template library includes many electronic agreements and notices including HIPAA forms, practice policies and Advanced Beneficiary Notices of Noncoverage (ABN). Alternatively, set up […]

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